#PressPlay celebrity attorney #LisaBloom announced three new clients accusing R&B crooner #Usher Raymond of not warning them that he had #Herpes before engaging in sex acts with them. One of the accusers is a man. did not report the story on Friday because I had information that contradicted #Bloom’s allegations.

On July 19, #RadarOnline published a “bombshell lawsuit” that revealed Usher spread Herpes to an ex lover. The article notes that Usher “coughed up $1.1 million to settle” the case.

But did he really settle?

Last month, a #NewOrleans R&B singer filed a $20 million lawsuit against Usher for allegedly infecting her with herpes. But according to my confidential source, Usher does not have herpes.

Over the weekend, met with a credible source within Usher’s camp who provided documents and photographs that proves #UsherRaymond did not pay his former babysitter, #MayaFoxDavis, a $1.1 million settlement.

A closer look at Radar Online’s report shows pieced together documents that does not include a front page. Why not?

Whenever blogs post court documents there is always a front page included that shows the names of the plaintiff, the defendant, and the lawyers involved in the case.

Radar Online reports that “The legal complaint was filed at the Superior Court in #LosAngeles.” But why can’t #TMZ find the court documents? Why can’t #LisaWest — the #Atlanta attorney representing Usher’s accuser — find the legal complaint?

The answer is the legal complaint doesn’t exist.

#Radar also published a check in the amount of $2,754 issued by #DavidWeise & Associates.

David Weise & Associates is an accounting firm in Los Angeles that issued the check to Maya Fox-Davis as payment for babysitting services in 2012. It is certainly not a settlement check from a law firm.

So why didn’t Radar just publish the settlement check? The obvious answer is the settlement check does not exist.

Now you know why Usher’s loyal wife, #GraceRaymond, is unfazed by the accusations. Her husband is clean — literally and figuratively. #iamphillychase

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