Twilight “Breaking Dawn” Review

Twilight 2 Review- Did it Suck?


 Twilight brought in over 140 million dollars to the box office this weekend. The final chapter in the Twilight Saga is officially over. Yet…this is what Hollywood always says before they make tons of sequels and prequels. So what did Platinum Camp think about this box office hit?



OUR REVIEW: The story line moves slow in the beginning. We find out Bella survived the birth and turned into a vampire. Her daughters name….no other then Renesmee. Renesmee is being raised by Jacob, who is still playing the baby daddy role. She grows at an alarming rate, and is half vampire half human. Bella takes Renesmee to the forest and she is spotted by vampire Irina. They return home and begin to live the family lifestyle. A well directed sex scene between Bella and Edward shows the unfathomable love they share. The Cullen family even buys them a new home and they begin to settle in.

Just as all seems swell, Vampire Irina tells the Volturi about Renesmee being a real human.  The Volturi is infuriated and plans to fight the Cullens and find out the truth. Get ready for a twist ending, laughs, and an amazing battle scene. Overall? This sequel is the best of the Twlight Saga. Sorry Twilight haters!!!



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