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The all new and powerful has been revamped thanks to OC Media Works to create new opportunities for artists and producers. We all know Platinum Camp was the first to land a digital distribution deal with Universal and Ingrooves to push towards digital distribution on iTunes, Amazon and on over a million other online stores.

Our general Daddy Bigg$ was the first to campaign for digital marketing and online eblast for the DJ’s record pool so they could have their records serviced properly and so they could do their jobs more effectively. is where you need to go to get your latest entertainment news to find out whats trending, what’s hot and what’s not. Also if you are a new artist, actor or model and would like to break into the entertainment industry, then would be the perfect platform to showcase your talent as is the liaison to the entertainment world.

I’m the Great General DaddyBigg$ and I Approve this Message

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