Sneak preview of Laza Morgan’s “Gimme Little” music video

Daddy Bigg$ signs new film director to Shoot “Gimme Little” music video.
Fresh from France where Daddy Bigg$ also signed a new film director J G Biggs to shoot the number one hit single “Gimme Little”. The video depicts a young girl living in Paris whom Laza falls in love with but because of love lost in translation it was hard for him to express his emotions.The video was shot on two different continents, Africa and Europe and Daddy Bigg$ spared no expense as he rented a Boeing 787 for the shoot.
Part four of the video series was shot in Morocco and will show Laza fleeing from tyranny after he uncontrollably fell in love with the kings’ daughter. A special shout out to the Moroccan people who showed great love to Daddy Bigg$, Laza Morgan and the Platinum crew.  
Check the sneak preview NOW by clicking on the picture below!
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