Platinum Camp – January 2013 and on Fire!



Fresh from Barbados, the Platinum Camp team rings in the New Year with it’s first video shoot of ‘2013. The Camp is doing it grand as it sets to shoot Frassman’s new video ‘Dat Nuh Hard’ in Atlantic City! this coming Saturday January 5th. So, ladies if you wanna be a part of this extravaganza, check out for more info.

Next up will be the release of Platinum Camp’s heavy hitter Laza Morgan’s new single ‘Wide World’. Laza is currently in California meeting with the executives of his skate board line ‘Korner King’. Then the General Daddy Bigg$ and Laza are set to depart on a European Tour with stops in Sweden, Germany and of course Paris for the month of January.

The Camp is also set to release Lisa Hyper’s newest single, ‘Moving’. Lisa Hyper is setting the wheels in motion on penning a Tell All book, and everyone knows Lisa has a story to tell.The artist claims she is prepared to sit down with the writer (Miss Joan) also her psychiatrist and a hypnotist to dig deep into her troubled past in order to uproot all her scandalous yet sensational stories. Oh what tangled webs we weave!

So Platinum Fans! This is a brief synopsis of what the Camp’s line up looks like for ‘2013

I’m The Great General Daddy Bigg$ and I Approve This Message

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