Nas Isn’t The Biological Father



That’s the true question

Rumors are rapidly spreading that Nas isn’t the biological father of Kelis’ son, Knight.hmmm. It has been said that Kelis is keeping a secret, that the father of her son is a former football player, Wale Ogunleye and not Nas. It was alleged that a freaky adult tape was leaked showing Kelis and another man who certainly wasn’t her husband, so she decided to have a baby to save her rapidly failing marriage. But when she became pregnant within a month after she and Ogunleye was having an affair, with things happening so quickly she was unsure of the child’s paternity.

It was also rumored that Nas was not allowed in the delivery or even to visit the baby without her or a nanny present. Her son has similar feature of Ogunleye who has now moved on and is now dating Michelle Williams of Destiny’s Child.

After all the legal drama that they went through, one has to believe that Nas had the baby’s DNA tested…..

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