Dancehall superstar Macka Diamond is getting rave reviews for her latest hit, the soca-flavoured ‘Tabanka’ featuring platinum-selling star Charly Blacks.

The two teamed up last weekend to perform the show at an event in Baltimore, USA and the early buzz from radio selectors stateside has been phenomenal.
“I am in New York now doing some promotions on the song, i teamed up with Charly in Baltimore over the weekend. The feedback is so good that when I return to Jamaica, I will be shooting the video with Charly Blacks,” she said.

‘Tabanka” is a Eastern Caribbean slang that signifies a state of extreme infatuation for either a female or male who is totally smitten by their partner.
The song was recorded over the Summer while the artiste was on a one month tour in Trinidad and Tobago. The song is featured on the Full Hundred Riddim and produced by Spine Records.
The artiste has been getting an incredible buzz in the streets with videos of Marvin the Beast promoting the song have gone viral. One video showed a female dancer boxing Marvin the Beast while they danced the song, drawing blood, while another shows Marvin the Beast and Nickiesha frolicking in a tree, balancing perilously, while the leaves fly fast and furious with the ‘Tabanka’ song blasting in the background. The latter video has racked up almost a million views on popular online site,
”As the song drop the dancers dem run out…the ting up. Cardo and Ruxie, Boom Boom, Foota Hype, every top selector ah play it plus Marvin and Nickesha have been seen in several viral videos getting on real bad to the song,” she said laughing.
The artiste, who recently signed a record deal with US-based indie label DMG Music Group, is focused on making good music for her fans.
“Dem want me to retire but when me ready and that’s no time soon,’Tabanka’ proves that mi still have nuff gas in the tank,”  the Money Goddess said.
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