Leave Elmo Alone!

Leave Elmo Alone!


A press conference was held Tuesday afternoon for alleged pedophile Kevin Clash. His accuser is 24-year-old Cecil Singleton, an aspiring model, who claims the two had sexual relations when he was 16-years-old. Singleton testified, “There was groping, masturbation, and just a lot of intense kissing, touching, that kind of thing. Dry humping.” “But we did not have sex and it’s imperative to note that. We did not have…sexual intercourse until years later when I was an adult.”


 Cecil Singleton The Accuser

Platinum Camps take… Lets see you’re a 24 year-old aspiring model and came out of nowhere and now you want to accuse a successful sesame street character? Then…you say you didn’t have sex. Anyone else see a red flag!? Did we mention he’s suing Mr. Clash for 5 million dollars in damages! Maybe its because your modeling career didn’t pan out Cecil. Leave Elmo Alone!



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