“Its Thanksgiving” -Deemed Worst Song EVER!

“The Worst Song Ever”


 Introducing the Worst song ever? “It’s Thanksgiving” a song about giving thanks for Thanksgiving, was just released on Youtube November 7th. The video went viral and now has 9 million hits on Youtube and was featured on “Good Morning America” as “the worst video ever.”  The star is 12-year-old Nicole Westbrook who sings into a turkey leg….

“This is my first time singing into a turkey leg. I’d never seen anyone do it, but I guess it’s just like singing into your hairbrush … but with a turkey leg.”

Producer Patrice Wilson is thrilled with the videos success but fails to mention the growing 135 thousand Youtube dislikes.

“A month before Thanksgiving, I thought, You know, there’s no Thanksgiving song out there! “My team mentioned the Adam Sandler ‘Turkey Song,’ but we wanted a big anthem.

If you can bare to watch the 3 minute and 38 second video then you’re a champion. Platinum Camp warns you to not! But your so going to because we told you not to…


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