Nicoy Salmon better known as Frassman, began his career releasing his first single “Dat nuh Hard Fi Do” from his label NS Enterprise in association with Platinum Camp Records. Climbing the charts quickly, Frassman (who now lives bi-coastal) flew from Connecticut to Jamaica to shoot the video of his follow up single (behind the scene ) “Go Down and Wine”.
While filming on the set of the new single, one of the video chicks and Frassman was seen fraternizing between takes. Allegedly, the dame was also spotted off site with the “married” Frassman at a restaurant in Kingston.  Apparently “word” traveled faster than Frassman was able to reach back home in the USA. After wrapping up his ‘so called’ work trip aka Jamaican rendezvous, and while on his way back, unnamed sources claims Chiny Gurl (the wifey) exploded on twitter “Come get your sh*t” and to prove the the point, she post a photo of Frassman‘s finest all strewn out in the snow. Hmmm,

And so the saga begins!!   Mek wi si how him get himself outa dis one….

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