Extreme Cougar Wives!!

Did You Say Extreme Cougar Wives!


Sister wives, basketball wives, New Jersey wives, wives of wives, wives that know they are not wives, okay we get the point!


TLC has out done them all! Have you heard about the new show on TLC, “Extreme Cougar Wives?” TLC follows older woman and their younger men. On November 25th meet 76-year-old Hattie, 65-year-old Stephanie, and 53-year old Jude, who are dating very young gentleman. We are talking about 25 year old Andrew with 53 –year-old Jude..Come on what are your real intentions Fabio? Your young sexy and…well we are still not sure what to make of this. At least Jude wins in the end…As long as you make her happy behind closed doors. Apparently, Andrew met Jude while dating her daughter. Shockingly…Andrew hasn’t told his family…TLC Cougar wives premieres November 25th and is anything but boring. You can’t control who you fall in love with. Yeah, okay,…especially with Benjamin on your right arm…




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