Reggae star Barrington Levy is reportedly at home recovering from a gunshot wound he received in accidental shooting at his James Hill home on Tuesday evening.

After being shot, Barrington was a little shook up, but he is now OK, and holding it together. He almost lost his life, but the bullet ricocheted off a wall and slashed his skin, so he had to get stitches and get patched up. I had just got off phone discussing Virus, a new record Black Roses and Platinum Camp Music is putting out, plans for a video shoot on June 9th in Trinidad and Tobago, when I got another call from his next of kin screaming and crying, and I kinda freaked out because we had just got off the phone,” Mr. Biggs, Levy’s business partner and booking agent, and chief  executive officer of Platinum Camp, Mr. Bigg$ told ONE876 EDITOR Claude Mills.
“When I finally got him on the phone, Levy said he had a burning sensation in his back, I had been shot before so I was familiar with that, so I asked his babymother to rush him to the hospital. But upon close inspection, the bullet had not penetrate his skin, so she used peroxide to wash off and he went to a private hospital in Mandeville for x rays and where he got patched up,” Daddy Biggs said.
Checks with the Frankfield police station, which is at least a ten-minute drive from James Hill in Clarendon, turned up no additional information as no report had been made to the station regarding the shooting.