Bonnie and Clyde’s met its match in the music scene



“Where’s the F######  money at ? ” “Gangster Girl” was released on Youtube today by Platinum Camp records.   A clever twist of the classic movie Bonnie and Clyde brought to a music video with two of Platinum Camps biggest artists. The video “Gangster Girl ” is a 2012 Bonnie and Clyde love story about Jamaican Reggae artist Lisa Hyper and international superstar Laza Morgan in love with the life of crime. Lisa and Laza work together using their sex appeal and gangsta skills to fool and conquer their victims. Guns, adventure, clever setups, and unpredictable moments, mixed with a killer beat, sums up “Gangster Girl” easily.  Gangsta girl has met her gansta man in this classic musical tale. Bling Bling!




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