At War With The Neighbors!

At War With The Neighbors!


NBA superstar Andrew Bynum is suing his next door neighbors for claims of racism and violence, while the neighbors are in turn claiming Bynum to be the real troublemaker. Bynum a former L.A. Lakers claims that ever since he moved into his luxury home in Westchester CA he bought seven years ago, he has been harassed by his neighbors Cindy and Ramond Beckett.

Bynum claims, according to the lawsuit that the Becketts have objected to his race, his friends, his car, his taste in music and even his profession. The Becketts fired back with a counter suit trashing Bynum as the neighbor from hell claiming he’s guilty of intimidating them with a firearm, using drugs and allowing the odor of weed smoke to drift over to their house, having his dogs run loose through the neighborhood, blasting profane rap music and driving at dangerous speeds.
Bynum has denied the allegations, meanwhile the Becketts have sold their house since the lawsuit was filed…. So they are no longer neighbors.

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