50 Cent Declares French Montana The New Ja Rule

 Say It Ain’t So!!


50 Cent declares French Montana the new Ja Rule In an interview, French Montana spoke about 50 Cent and the mistakes he made during his career, WHAT A MISTAKE!!! The interview was going smoothly until French Montana decided to speak about 50 Cent’s infamous beefs.
“you cant beef with people because it will scare money away.
In the streets you can strong arm people and take money,
but you can’t do that in the industry.”

50 went on a tirade, he jumped on twitter and called French a “hoe” and a “fool” which he followed up with more colorful language. 50 Cent has been given the title: Destroyer of Ja Rule’s career, a former Murder Inc rapper. Now he has declared French to be the new Ja Rule.

“He ran his mouth prematurely. He’s really not ready to compete
with me. When I drop the single and it becomes the #1 selling
record in 12hrs. After you saying that I think you should be quiet
a little bit. I’ll put him completely out of business. That’s your new
Ja Rule right now.
Go figure!!!

I’m the Great General DaddyBigg$ and I Approve this Message


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